About Us

Truth Of Universe is an NGO!

We are a registered NGO since 2004. We are based in India and working hard to make peoples life easy. We bleave in simple living with high moral values and to do what we can for poor people, rural development, child education, women wellfare, oldage help etc.

We have a vast social network and working from 2004 for those who are in need. Still there are many people in rural areas who need our attention. Our network is growing day by day with your help. We are also undertaking free classes of meditation, as we bleive to improve people from inside and to make them understand that who we are and for what purpose we are here on earth.

Through meditation we help people to know
1) Who is God?,
2) Where to find god?,
3) How to find god?.
There must be a leader to lead in right direction and we are trying to lead people in the right direction with the help of yog and meditation.

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