Child Education

Many education schemes have been launched by the "Truth Of Universe" to eradicate illiteracy. The implementation of the literacy campaign during the period 1988 - 1998 revealed different levels of success mainly due to the voluntary efforts. These has been significant achievement of successful Total Literacy Campaign (TLCs) by NGOs, "Truth Of Universe" was one of them. This change which is made by "Truth Of Universe" sustained to implement development programs effectively.

"Truth Of Universe" preserve & continue the national and serial achievements of the successful child education. This is very important for the process of making people and communities self - reliant. To accelerate the pace of development letracy should become integral part of all development programs."Truth Of Universe" change quality of life of the neo - literates and has shown improvement as a result of acquiring literacy skills.

Therefore child education becomes an important component in development efforts of "Truth Of Universe" an NGO. Its the beason behind the propelled action in the same direction of child education. Childrens are future of our societies and need to be given proper education. But in many rural areas childrens are unable to get proper education due to insufficien resources or funds. Here our NGO helps them to get oportunity to sudy and to grow in this compititive world. This makes them to earn respect and good earnings.


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