Health Care

"Truth Of Universe" aims at "Health Care For All" by providing comprehensive, primary health care facilities to the people at an affordable and very low cost. The theme of the Ottawa Charter (WHO, 1986), later supported in the Jakarta Declaration (WHO, 1997) is that social action, active community participation and supportive social policies contribute to progress in health and not just health also in health care system.

We systematically develop networks of people, state agencies and community organization for promotion of health programs. We always emphasis to make health programs more of participatory programs rather than only just welfare or service programs. This requires a well planned information, education and communication (IEC) strategies with a holistic and multi sided approach.

"Truth Of Universe" are very much effective in creating health awareness among people. We emphases address health issues & problems and promote basic health practices among the masses. We provide people indigenous knowledge for prevention and care of health problems also can be harnessed to mobilize them in health communication program for development. It is a ample slope for planning development communication for promotion of health programs.