"Truth Of Universe" offers free meditation course for self realization and empowerment. This course is of 7 days. Ever single person or organisaton is welcome to join the course for free by just a simple e-mail or a phone call. Following are the further details :-

Day 1 = Chakra Gyan

It consists of three parts. In Dhyan Samadhi the first part is Dhyan Pragya, which teaches various techniques of meditation devised by Osho and gives real taste of meditation. Second part is Sakshi Pragya, which teaches Total Awareness and the art of Witnessing. The Third part is Samadhi Pragya, which teaches Divine Sound and essentials of Samadhi. This is Gyan Yoga.

By sitting on Vajarasan with Kapal Bhati Paranayam doing Ashwani Kriya. With Sakshi Bhav (Awiarness) keep on listening and focus on three Chakras [Muladhar, Sawadhistan and Manipur] for one minute on each. Assume that energy is rising towards upside on all three chakras.

While sitting on Padmasan focus on Anhad Charka (Fourth Chakra). With music and Sakshi Bhav see your body's fourth chakra and do Aganisar Pranayam. Now do Sakhti Chalini Pranayam on Visudhi Chakra (Fifth Chakra). Assume that the energy is reaching towards the fifth chakra.

While sitting on Sidhasan with Saksi Bhav listen to music and doing no other work. While listening music focus on Aagya Chakra and feel like energy has reached to Aagya Chakra. Now on changing of music focus on Sahastharth like energy has came on seventh chakra. Listen to Gayatri Mantra assuming that voice is coming from sky. This is Kriya Yog.

Third, Invitation new sannyas names of the participants are put before a portrait of Param Guru. This is given after Mala Diksha and Naam Diksha. Samadhi Pragya Graduates, who have already applied for Mala Diksha, can get Sannyas Diksha as well as entry into Surati Samadhi.

Day 2 = Surati Samadhi

It is the Second Level Group and is based on Divine Sound. It is open only to those who have done first level program and have taken Sannyas Diksha.This group teaches how to live in harmony with the Divine Sound.

At silent place and time in night try to listen divine sound while holding your thumbs or ear plug in your ears. Sit on Asan or a blanket in Shav Asan or Sukh Asan with Sakshi Bhav.

Day 3 = Nirati Samadhi

It is the Third Level Group and is based on Divine Light. Entry in this Group after graduating from Surati Samadhi. Through this program a seeker learns to live in harmony with the Divine Light.

Keep on staring at a 100watt bulb for one minute. Then turn the bulb off and turn off your eyes, while keep your hands in front of eyes. Now concentrate on the light dott which is formed in your eyes. [Repeat this for several times]

Day 4 = Amrit Samadhi

It is the Fourth level Group and is based on Devine Elixir. This teaches how to die in Awareness and live at the center of our Amrit Consciousness. Persons above 60 years are allowed to attend Amrit Samadhi immediately after Nirati Samadhi.

Make your body tired by doing Urja Dhayan and Vipasana Dhayan in Kriya Yog, by dancing, by jogging. Then Lie in Sava Asan and make gap with Sakshi Bhav. Now try to look at you body from distance as in its Panch Tatwas. Look as you and your body both are seprate. Keep on listing Anhad Naad!

Day 5 = Prem Samadhi

It is the fifth Level Group based on Divine Love. Entry in this Group after graduating from Aamrit Samadhi. This group teaches how to live in Divine love.

Every time, Every second look at every person with love. Try to live with positive perception. Keep laughing, Keep dancing and keep singing and try to focus on yourself.

Day 6 = Nirvana Samadhi

It is the sixth Level Group based on Experience of only Cosmic Existence and nothing else. This program is available only to the active members of truth of universe. This group provides a rare opportunity to the seekers for going into the dreamless living or Nirvaan.

As like first day do work and imagine that energy is flowing from Nabhi towards the sky.

Day 7 = Sahaj Samadhi

It is the seventh level Group based in esperience of Cosmis Subjectivity in th eouter as well as inner space. This Program is available only to the active members of Truth Of Universe [Ruhani Sant Sangha] after graduating form Nirvaan Samadhi. This is the highst experience according to the mystics of all the traditions. Before entry into this Samadhi one must continue as Member of Truth Of "Universe" [Ruhani Sant Sangha].

By rising of energy upward imagine that down here the Upan vayu, Pran Vayu are mixing with the body.You are going in meditation, going in Sunya. We taught to go in meditation after being Kriya Vihin (Shive Yog).