Non Government Organisation

NGO are increasingly being used as a vehicle for development. They work on issues of poverty, literacy, health care, population management, women welfare, child education, self realization through meditation, community regeneration and so on. "Truth Of Universe" is one of these NGOs.

Globalization has offered many challenges for developing new models of development, participation and approaching the common problems. In the earlier years of independence, the planning for development was done by the government. But then it was realized that government system were too rigid to evolve plans that would meet the varied requirements of our vast country.

In the beginning of the 1970's & in 1980's many development NGOs came on the scene. They were distinct, on the one hand from the government agencies and on the other from philanthropic organizations. By 1997, about 14000 NGOs were registered with the Home Ministry under the Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) & more were registered as societies under the society regulation Act, 1980.

The strength of the NGOs lies in their approach & method for motivating people to participate in development process. When government works for development, it has targets oriented approach & works as consultants. It is least concerned about needs and problems of the people. Where as NGOs work with a friendly & informal approach. They motivate people to participate in all stages of the program. NGOs are also non profit organizations. They don't have profit motive behind their activities, instead NGOs works for welfare and development of poor, unaware people and helps to develop rural parts of the country. Where profit motive organizations don't show there interest due to no profit margins.