Women Welfare

Women constitute almost 50% of the world's population. But perform 70% of work, earns just only 10% of the world's income and over 20% of the world's poverty. Two third of women are illiterate, half a million women die every year due to reproductive complications. Women continue to be oppressed on various fronts, ranging from female feticide to feminization of poverty.

Various development programs have been launched for women by "Truth Of Universe". We also emphasized in need of maximum health, education, welfare services and facilities for women.

"Truth Of Universe" emphasize on multidisciplinary approach to women's development programs. The present concept of women development focuses on women empowerment. Reproductive health care is also an important concept of women's development programs.

We "Truth Of Universe" understands Women's development should not only be viewed as an issue in social development, but also be seen as an essential component in every dimension of development. They need greater education opportunities to be ale to take up paid works, so can be independent to think about themselves.